The Pawsome Record-Breakers: Meet the Oldest Cats in the World

The Pawsome Record-Breakers: Meet the Oldest Cats in the World
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If you’re a cat lover, you may have wondered: what’s the longest a cat can live for? While the maximum lifespan for a domestic cat is estimated to be around 30 years, it’s not very common for cats to reach this age. In fact, the real length of a feline’s life is influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics and lifestyle.

On average, cats tend to live for around 15 years. However, there are some exceptional felines that have defied the odds and lived well beyond their expected lifespan. Interestingly, female cats tend to outlive male cats, while neutered cats and crossbreeds have a better chance of reaching old age than intact and purebred cats, respectively.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some of the world’s oldest felines and share their inspiring stories of longevity. Whether you’re a cat owner or simply a cat enthusiast, this interesting piece is for you.

Creme Puff (38 years and 3 days)

3 August 1967 – 6 August 2005

Creme Puff, a tabby mix, is considered the oldest cat ever to live according to Guinness World Records. She lived for an astonishing 38 years and 3 days, surpassing the average lifespan of a domestic cat by more than a decade. Creme Puff was owned by Jake Perry of Austin, Texas, who also owned two other cats that lived to be over 30 years old.

Perry attributed Creme Puff’s long life to a diet of bacon, eggs, broccoli, and coffee with cream. However, it’s worth noting that genetics likely played a significant role in her exceptional longevity. Creme Puff’s story serves as a proof of the enduring love that cats can provide to their human counterparts, even as they enter their golden years.

Baby (38 years)

1970 – March 2008

Baby, a black domestic shorthair, holds the title for the second oldest cat ever recorded, living for an impressive 38 years. Like Creme Puff, Baby was also owned by a loving caretaker in the USA who provided her with a comfortable and happy life. While not much is known about Baby’s life and the secrets to her longevity, it’s clear that she was well-cared for and loved. Her remarkable age is a testament to the deep bond that can form between a cat and their human family over many years, as well as the importance of providing proper care and attention to our feline friends. Baby’s incredible life serves as an inspiration to all cat lovers, proving that a long and happy life is possible with the right care and attention.

Puss (36 years and 1 day)

28 November 1903 – 29 November 1939

Puss the tabby cat captured the hearts of people around the world when he was listed in the 1990 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest cat ever recorded. Puss lived for an incredible 36 years and 1 day, spending his entire life with his devoted owner, Mrs T Holway of Devon. Despite being a record holder, Puss led a simple life filled with love and care. Puss’s remarkable life reminds us that with proper care and attention, our feline friends can bring joy and companionship for many years to come.

Ma (34 years and 5 months)

May-June 1923 – 5 November 1957

Ma the tabby cat, owned by Mrs. Alice St. George Moore of Devon, is another remarkable feline that was recognized by Guinness World Records. Ma lived to the ripe old age of 34 years and 5 months, making her one of the oldest cats in history. Ma was a beloved companion who enjoyed spending her days lounging in the sun and receiving plenty of attention from Mrs. St. George Moore. Despite her advanced age, Ma remained active and playful, bringing joy and companionship to her human family.

Granpa Rexs Allen (34 years, 2 months)

Granpa Rexs Allen was a Sphynx-Devon Rex cat who lived a long and healthy life, reaching the impressive age of 34 years and 2 months. Owned by Jake Perry, who is known for his ability to care for cats, Granpa Rexs Allen was a beloved member of his family and a source of joy and companionship for many years.


The world’s oldest felines remind us that cats are more than just pets; they are beloved members of our families and a source of joy. These incredible cats lived long, healthy lives thanks to the love, care, and attention of their human companions. While the lifespan of a cat is influenced by many factors, these amazing cats show us that with proper care and attention, our feline friends can live fulfilling lives.

As cat lovers, we can learn a lot from these world-record-holding felines. By providing our cats with a healthy and balanced diet, regular veterinary check-ups, and plenty of love and attention, we can help them live long, healthy lives. Whether our furry friends live to be 30 years old or just a few short years, the time we spend with them is precious and rewarding.

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